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Marrakesh Hearing, November 2016

In November 2016, the Climate Parliament hosted a parliamentary hearing on the sidelines of the UNFCCC COP22 climate talks, concentrating on the remarkable opportunities presented by large-scale renewable energy for powering the global economy, fighting energy poverty, and achieving deep decarbonisation, but also the considerable roadblocks preventing further development of the grids, interconnectors and international energy trading required to achieve this goal. MPs from all over the world attended the event, and committed to climate action in their national parliaments to support the Paris climate treaty ratified earlier in 2016. 


At the event, we also launched our new Green Grid Network, a nexus of legislators and analysts from twenty less-industrialised economies and partners from the global north, dedicated to accelerating the transition to renewable energy and the construction of the new grids that are needed to create a 100% reliable supply of clean energy for all. 

The Green Grid Network will support the International Solar Alliance launched by 121 countries at the Paris climate summit, with the aim of deploying 1 terrawatt of solar power (roughly the power supply of the United States) by 2030. And it will help to convene a Green Grid Alliance of 20-25 governments to act as a leadership group on new renewable energy infrastructure, ranging from renewable energy microgrids at village level to continental-scale supergrids connecting us to the best sources of cheap renewable energy, such as sunny deserts and windy coastlines. The Parliamentary Roundtable brought together MPs, experts, and government officials for urgent discussion of how this agenda can best be advanced. 


Photos of the event available here

Full event report available here


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