About Us

The Climate Parliament is an international cross-party network of legislators, dedicated to preventing climate change and promoting renewable energy. We support parliamentarians to undertake initiatives at national and regional levels to help accelerate the global renewable switch at the speed and scale required. Learn more about our work below. 

Time is running out: we need legislative action now, on every continent. The Climate Parliament is linking up concerned legislators around the globe. Through national parliamentary groups, international meetings and Internet outreach, we’re pressing for both public and private investment to switch the world’s power supply to renewables - before it is too late.

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Our vision

The Climate Parliament has been supporting MPs in their work on renewable energy for over five years, and has established a network of legislators from across Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe, all dedicated to tackling climate change. We believe that a fully decarbonised global energy supply can provide access to clean, reliable energy for all - all that's required is the political will to make it happen. Read more.

How we work

Elected legislators have all the levers they need to solve the climate problem: they vote on laws, taxes and budgets, oversee the operations of government, and have direct access to Ministers, Prime Ministers and Presidents. By informing them about the dangers of climate change and the opportunities for action, and by providing those who are ready to act with staff support and expert advice, we can have a major impact. Read more.

Meet the team