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Infinite Global announces pro bono partnership with the Climate Parliament

International communications firm to provide profile-raising support for global organisation of legislators promoting green grids

LONDON – International communications firm Infinite Global today announced a new pro bono partnership with leading international NGO the Climate Parliament. The new collaboration, running throughout 2022, will support the Climate Parliament’s work on green grids. The Climate Parliament conceived and helped to launch the Green Grids Initiative, which was announced at the recent Glasgow Summit by the UK COP26 Presidency in partnership with India’s One Sun One World One Grid project. The One Sun Declaration issued in Glasgow has been endorsed by more than 90 countries.

First established in 2004, the Climate Parliament is an international, multi-partisan network of legislators working worldwide to help solve the climate crisis and accelerate the transition to renewable energy. It began work on the Green Grids Initiative in 2014. The initiative brings together governments, legislators, international organisations and research institutions to accelerate the construction of the new infrastructure needed for a world powered by clean energy. This includes massively expanded renewable energy generation capacity in energy-rich locations, connected by continental grids; smart grids connecting millions of solar panels and charging points for electric vehicles; and micro-grids for rural communities and to ensure resilience during extreme weather.

The government coalition announced in Glasgow is led by a Steering Group which so far includes Australia, France, India, the United Kingdom and the United States. Nigeria and Samoa also participated in the Glasgow launch events. Since the launch of the coalition and initiative at COP26, the Climate Parliament continues to work independently with legislators, civil society and business leaders to build the political will required to achieve the initiative’s goals.

As part of the new partnership with the Climate Parliament, Infinite Global will provide advice and support to the organisation in relation to its strategic communications and media relationships, specifically around its work on green grids, seeking to further raise the visibility of the organisation and drive action and engagement amongst governments, policy makers, private enterprise and major influencers worldwide.

The partnership complements Infinite Global’s wider commitment to tackle the issue of climate change, first announced in February 2021 with the launch of its Climate Change Strategy. As well as becoming a more active participant in the wider debate over the importance of tackling the climate crisis, the programme also included joining the SME Climate Commitment, through which the firm will halve its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 2030 and achieve net zero emissions by 2050, if not sooner.

Scott Addison, UK Director and Head of Corporate at Infinite Global, said:

“Following COP26 and the important efforts and commitments made by governments and the private sector, along with a groundswell of public sentiment, the world is finally taking notice of the climate emergency. But more must be done to raise awareness of both the critical nature of the issue and, importantly, its potential solutions. Tackling the climate change challenge is a fundamental commitment that we have made as a business, both for ourselves and for our clients who are in the midst of their own journeys on this issue. This commitment, coupled with our extensive experience in the clean energy space, makes this partnership with the Climate Parliament tremendously exciting. We look forward to contributing to this very important and worthwhile endeavour, and doing our part to help drive further change and momentum in 2022.

Nicholas Dunlop, Secretary-General of the Climate Parliament, added:

“We can easily generate more than enough renewable energy to power the world, but only if we build the right grids. The powerful coalition that was announced at COP26 was an important start, but now the hard work begins to build clean energy superhighways connecting everyone to the best locations for solar and wind power, and to build smart green grids large and small that can power the whole economy. The support and guidance of Infinite Global will be invaluable in helping us to raise the profile of this work as we move to the next stage.”


About Infinite Global

Infinite Global is an award-winning international communications firm advising complex businesses which need to engage with sophisticated audiences. Specialising in PR, Content & Campaigns, and Crisis & Litigation, the firm provides the experience, skills and insight to drive brands forward or defend them from reputational risk. Infinite Global has offices in London, New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles and San Francisco. For more information about Infinite Global’s climate change strategy, please visit


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