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Co-hosting renewable roundtable in Morocco

On the weekend of the 22nd November 2014, the Climate Parliament was proud to co-host a renewable energy workshop for legislators in the Moroccan city of Rabat, together with the World Future Council. The title of the event was 100% Énergies Renouvables, and the discussions focussed on what would be required - in terms of finance, legislation, and political will - to power the world using 100% renewable energy.

The Morrocan event brought together a large gathering of stakeholders from across several relevant sectors, including legislators, policy analysts, energy experts and engineers. It brought together MPs from the Arab and North African Regions as well as Europe, including Hans Josef Fell MdB, Government Representatives from state electricity and energy bodies such as ONEE, and representatives of the private sector, including Sahara Wind Ltd.

Several Climate Parliament MPs gave presentations during the round-table, including Ms Salima Faraji MP from Morocco, and our Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, Dr Mostafa El-Auoazi. For more information on the event, including photos, copies of the presentations, and a full report, click here.

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