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Pushing for renewables in the Chilean Parliament

On Sept 30th, our Latin America Director, Dr Sergio Missana, presented before the Mining and Energy Committee of the Chamber of Deputies on the Climate Parliament’s recommendations for the bill for a new transmission law in Chile.

In his presentation, Dr Missana included an overview of Climate Parliament’s objectives, strategy, methodology and recent success stories, and described the Green Grid Alliance project. He proposed a broad evaluation of the proposed new transmission bill, focusing on its objectives and main themes: long-term planning, increased competition, transparency, open access, development areas, the potential for renewables, and the key role played by the new grid Coordinator.

Finally, he offered specific proposals: explicitly recognizing renewables as a key focus of development areas (“polos de desarrollo”), including a sentence about underwater transmission in the article on “Procedure for path determination”, integrating international interconnections into the long-term planning process, giving priority to renewables according to the 20/25 target, implementing state-of-the-art grid operation and architecture standards, articulating the relationship between large blocks of energy and distributed generation and, finally, changing the deadline for establishing the board of the new grid Coordinator (this will be crucial to ensure the independence of the new Coordinator and to avoid cooptation by the incumbents).

Footage of Dr Missana's presentation is available from the Chilean Congress website, here.

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