RE in India: Global ambition, local application

In order to achieve India's ambitious renewable energy and decarbonisation targets, the government must do more to enable low-carbon development at the local level, so that communities and neighbourhoods can build a clean energy revolution from below. That's the message from a signed declaration, signed by Climate Parliament legislators from the states of Karnataka and Odisha, and submitted today to the Ministers of Power, Coal and Renewable Energy and Rural Development, as well as to the Speaker and Chairman of both chambers of the Indian Parliament. The legislators - led by Prahlad Joshi MP, Arvind Bellad MLA, and Kalikesh Singh Deo MP - are calling on the government to make much-needed po

Talking clean development: an interview with Arvind Bellad MLA

In 2015, Climate Parliament MPs committed to support the implementation of low carbon development plans in their constituencies, targeting key goals such as energy, water, agriculture and cooking, which together can steer development onto a low carbon pathway in rural India. In Karnataka, Mr. Arvind Bellad MLA for Hubli Dharwad West, and Mr. Pralhad Joshi, the MP for Dharwad, helmed this initiative. Both these network members supported a detailed and comprehensive study for a few chosen villages in Dharwad on developing a Low Carbon Development Roadmap focusing on local energy challenges. In this interview, Mr. Bellad gives us an insight into the project, its current status and the challenge

Legislators must hold governments accountable on climate

Nordic parliamentarians describe the climate agreement adopted by 195 countries at the Paris Climate Change Conference as the best possible outcome of the international climate negotiations. It is now up to parliamentarians around the world to ensure that each country lives up to its climate commitments, but also to take more drastic regulatory measures to limit the average global temperature rise. The Nordic Council has opted to to serve as a platform for increased co-operation between the Nordic parliaments. Universal agreement based on individual national climate pledges “The COP21 agreement is a huge victory,” says Hanna Kosonen, member of the Finnish Parliament and chair of the Nordic C

The Paris Treaty: a leap of faith, or a shot in the dark?

Unless you've been living at the bottom of a coal mine for the last three months, it's a fair bet that you'll have heard about the Paris climate treaty – about what a momentous achievement for humanity it represents, about how it was a triumph for diplomacy and optimism, about how it might just save the planet after all. You'll probably also have heard about how it's far too little too late – a toothless document that will do little to slow our lockstep march towards oblivion, a mere rearranging of the deckchairs on the Titanic. With all this disagreement and discord flying around, you could be forgiven for feeling a little perplexed. I myself spent the weeks following the Paris agreement os

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