Our side events at the Paris Climate Talks

During the recently-concluded COP21 climate talks in Paris, the Climate Parliament was proud to host a side-event on green growth and large-scale renewable energy at the historic Hotel Louvre. In contrast to the febrile atmosphere of the negotiations, our Roundtable established a space where legislators, policy experts and investment analysts could calmly explore pressing issues facing the global economy on energy, climate change and decarbonisation. Although the negotiators were ultimately able to reach an ambitious agreement, it is clear that the decarbonisation targets in the final Paris deal must be met – and exceeded – if the world is to have any realistic chance of avoiding the worst i

Climate Parliament MPs demand strong Paris agreement

At the UN climate talks currently underway in Paris, a delegation of 5 Climate Parliament MPs, representing 5 different Indian political parties, submitted a signed Climate Change Mission Statement to India's chief negotiator, the Minister for Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Prakash Javadekar. Calling for a strong and effective global agreement to limit global temperature rises, the statement also urged the Indian Government to develop national legislative and policy instruments in order to realise India's commitments in a fair, equitable and cost effective manner. The MPs, through the statement, committed to support the Government in such national initiatives as well as undertake i

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