Engaging Peruvian MPs on renewables

Our Latin America Director, Dr Sergio Missana, recently gave a presentation to the Peruvian Congress, entitled “International initiatives for the transition to renewable energy", and delivered at the Forum on The Energy Matrix in Peru: Challenges and Opportunities, which took place in Lima on May 27th. You can watch the whole presentation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeAV5CGMJe0 (only available in Spanish)

Forum on the Peruvian energy matrix

Lima: Congressman Mesías Guevara, Chair of the Climate Parliament group in Peru, and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation co-organized this high level forum to discuss the current state and perspectives for the future for the energy sector in Peru. The event, held at the Peruvian Congress in Lima, included presentations by Juan Incháustegui, former Minister of Energy and Mining; Carlos Herrera, Dean of the School of Engineers of Peru and former Minister of Energy and Mining; Pedro Gamio, former Vice Minister of Energy; and Félix Badilla, Technical Consultant of the Energy Efficiency Directorate. Dr. Sergio Missana, Regional Director for Latin America of the Climate Parliament, presented on “Intern

Defending the Desertec dream

It's now almost two years since the collapse of the Desertec Industrial Initiative (Dii), an ambitious €400bn joint venture that aimed to develop the renewable energy resources of the Sahara desert for mass export to Europe. Although the Desertec Foundation – the non-profit group who developed the original idea and helped to established Dii as an industrial implementing body – continues to exist as a separate entity, the name of Desertec has become synonymous with wild ambition, Icarusian hubris, and utopian naivety. Indeed, the high-profile failure of Dii has caused some to doubt that large-scale solar export from the Maghreb to Europe is even possible. Perhaps regretting their pre-Copenhag

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