We've secured +$1 billion for new renewables!

The three-year Parliamentary Action on Renewable Energy (PARE) project, co-facilitated by the Climate Parliament and UNDP, has been responsible for more than $1 billion USD in new government spending on renewable energy and clean technology since 2012. That's the headline finding of an independent assessment report, commissioned by project donors EuropeAid, to evaluate the outcomes and impact of the PARE project, which ran from January 2012 to December 2014: "During the past three years, PARE has been instrumental in instigating or influencing government decisions and legislation that has increased funding available for renewable energy by more than USD 1 billion across the target countries,

On mission in the Andean region

Our Latin America Director, Dr Sergio Missana, recently returned from a mission to Latin America to meet with legislators and government officials from Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, and discuss with them local climate impacts, the potential for renewable energy, and the ongoing parliamentary activities of the Climate Parliament groups in the legislatures of those countries. In Lima, as well as several productive meetings with civil society and NGO representatives, Dr Missana met with Congressman Mesías Guevara, leader of the Climate Parliament Peru chapter, to discuss organising a workshop for legislators and drafting a new renewable energy law for presentation during the 2015 parliamentary cal

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