Linking renewable energy to rural development

New Delhi: Dr. Sanjay Jaiswal, Member of Parliament and Convener of the Climate Parliament India, has asked the Minister of Rural Development, to scale up the use of renewable energy in rural areas to ensure energy access and availability. In a letter written today to the Minister for Rural Development Mr. Choudhary Birender Singh, the MP suggested that the rural development ministry should have a budgetary provision for renewable energy interventions in existing and new schemes, starting with around 5% of the Ministry’s total budget in this year. In addition, he called for the creation of a green/renewable energy office within the Ministry to coordinate directly with the Ministry of New and

Setting out the facts of EU-MENA renewables

Everyone knows that the topics of climate change and renewable energy are fiendishly complicated and controversial. Misconceptions, inaccurate assumptions, and factual uncertainty continue to hamper discussion; and the technical, scientific and economic complexity that surrounds the field acts as a further barrier to understanding. To try to address this, we've put together the following series of “Mythbusters”, in which we attempt to debunk – in simple, bullet-point form – some of the more common misconceptions that we encounter in our work with MPs and citizens around the world. Here, we're dealing with energy trading between the solar-rich deserts of North Africa and the energy-hungry cit

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