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Parliamentary Action on Renewable Energy

The Climate Parliament is partnering with the European Union and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to create awareness among key legislators in Africa and in small island developing states, and to mobilise them to encourage their governments to raise their climate and renewable energy ambition. The PARE programme, co-sponsored by the Pan-African Parliament, is organising a series of virtual roundtable meetings featuring renowned experts in three areas: a) rural access to renewable energy through mini-grids and other off-grid solutions, b) large-scale renewable energy and green grids, and c) sustainable transport.

Green Grids Initiative

The Climate Parliament has been working since the UN climate summit in Paris engaging legislators and governments to promote green grids as an essential component of the energy system of the future. Green Grids Initiative will bring together a group of governments, legislators and international organisations, to accelerate the construction of the new infrastructure needed for a world powered by clean energy, including renewable energy generation capacity as well as continental grids, charging points for electric vehicles and micro-grids for rural communities and resilience. The initiative will be launched at the UN summit in Glasgow with a joint statement by a group of national leaders.

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Map of Green Ambition

Map of Green ambition is a tool designed to help MPs and others (such as journalists or interested citizens) understand how their own country is progressing in the race to a net-zero economy. The map highlights champions in different areas of this transition.

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