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Climate Compatible Growth COP26 Side events

On November 3rd, the Energy and Economic Growth together with the Climate Compatible Growth research programme organised a COP26 side event on Green Grids and the case for cross-border trade of renewable energy.

With the technology for long distance transmission of electricity developing apace, and green grids as an area of focus for COP26, what are the potential benefits of inter-country, inter-regional and possibly even inter-continental trade in renewable energy? And what are the challenges or risks? This session will bring together a panel of researchers and policy makers looking at this issue from climate, resource allocation, financial, economic and technical perspectives. It will draw on research looking at existing cross border renewables trade in South Asia and Southern Africa as well as a future potential link between India and the Gulf States.

On November 4th, CCG hosted an event on the Green Grids Initiative, chaired by Nick Dunlop, Secretary General, Climate Parliament. The GGI aim is to accelerate the construction of the new generation and transmission infrastructure for a world powered by renewable energy. This session took a look behind the scenes in the development of the initiative and presented the vision moving forward, exploring the interface between analytics and politics.


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