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Our delegation to the IRENA Assembly

Last week, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the leading international NGO in the field of sustainable energy, held its sixth annual Assembly in Abu Dhabi, and a delegation from the Climate Parliament was there to take part in proceedings.

Climate Parliament MPs from our national chapters in the parliaments of India, Jordan, Tunisia and Senegal made up the core of our delegation, accompanied by members of our Secretariat including our Secretary-General and Executive Director. Besides expert presentations and discussions on the new knowledge being created by IRENA on renewable energy potential in different countries, long-term cost and financing trends, and successful policies in different countries, these MPs also benefited from bilateral meetings with ministers and senior officials of several delegations organised by the CP secretariat. Legislative, policy and programmatic initiatives and best practices in these countries were shared between the MPs and the official delegations, and an understanding for the urgent need to share knowledge and resources was developed. Mechanisms for large scale grid integration of renewable energy and interconnections at national and transnational level was clearly recognised as one priority area of the work of the legislators.

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