Legislating for India's renewables revolution

The world's largest democracy is targeting a huge expansion of clean energy in the coming years - growth that, if achieved, would transform India's power infrastructure, with dramatic consequences not only for Indian citizens but the planet as a whole. But how can these goals be reached? The scale of Indian ambition on renewable energy is impressive, to say the least. With around 40GW of renewable energy currently connected to the grid, the country is targeting a staggering 175GW of grid-connected renewables by 2022 - a more than five-fold increase, in the space of just six years. Achieving such an explosion of new clean energy will require a paradigm shift across the board, from India's fra

Ley de Transmisión en Chile

On July 6th, 2016, the Chilean Congress passed a comprehensive new law on electricity transmission that creates a new interconnected power system for the country and establishes an independent system coordinator. The new law will lead to the construction of a robust transmission system that will promote the development of new renewable energy generation projects. The law guarantees that the State with play a key role in long-term planning of the expansion of transmission, thus overcoming the bottlenecks and curtailment that have historically affected the electricity sector in Chile, where transmission infrastructure has lagged behind the growth of demand. The new law will foster the developm

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