A legislator for all decentralized renewable energy solutions

Mr Anubhav Patnaik, a state legislator for the Khandapara constituency in the Indian state of Odisha and a member of the Climate Parliament network, helped to organize an awareness-raising workshop earlier this month, in association with the Indian organisation Clean Energy Access Network (CLEAN). The main objective of the workshops was to interact with the leaders of village communities and make them aware about decentralized renewable energy (DRE) solutions with specific focus on solar and its applications. The workshop saw participation from 100 Gram Panchayats in both locations. The Clean Energy Access Network is an all-India representative organization launched in 2014 with a clear mand

Solar Nano grids for smart village power

The Climate Parliament's global executive director, Dr. Sanjay Kumar, accompanied the Secretary of the Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy to Chottkei village where a pioneering smart solar nano grid has been established, to gain firsthand knowledge and assess its replicability in India and other parts of the world through parliamentary action. Village Chottkei is located deep inside a Tiger Reserve in Angul District of Odisha. Being located far away from the main grid, off-grid solution has been the only hope of Chottkei and such thousands of villages in South Asia (over 10,000 in India alone), Africa and Latin America. Similar villages taken-up for electrification under the Remote

Briefing: Phasing out kerosene in rural India

The Climate Parliament is pleased to announce the publication of a new Policy Briefing, produced by consultancy firm IISD, which explores the current system of kerosene subsidies in India, the key issues facing this system and the implications of kerosene subsidies for the dissemination of clean, alternative off-grid solar lighting solutions. It is one of a series of three policy briefs examining the links between the use of kerosene fuel and off-grid solar applications for lighting in rural India. Kerosene consumption is high in India, accounting for 15 percent of global consumption. Subsidised kerosene sold through the public distribution system (PDS) remains a primary source of lighting f

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