Our delegation to the IRENA Assembly

Last week, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the leading international NGO in the field of sustainable energy, held its sixth annual Assembly in Abu Dhabi, and a delegation from the Climate Parliament was there to take part in proceedings. Climate Parliament MPs from our national chapters in the parliaments of India, Jordan, Tunisia and Senegal made up the core of our delegation, accompanied by members of our Secretariat including our Secretary-General and Executive Director. Besides expert presentations and discussions on the new knowledge being created by IRENA on renewable energy potential in different countries, long-term cost and financing trends, and successful policie

2˚C or not 2˚C: that is the question

One of the most exciting things to emerge from the climate talks in Paris was the commitment to an unexpectedly ambitious long-term warming target of 1.5˚C. A heroic effort by a group of island nations and less industrialised countries managed to wrestle the diplomatic initiative and insert new text into the treaty, significantly increasing the scale of ambition (despite much foot-dragging by the usual suspects). But what does that extra half degree mean in practice? Is it achievable, or wildy unrealistic? What kind of policies could produce decarbonisation aggressive enough to keep us under the threshold? Luckily, as part of the Paris deal, the IPCC was commissioned to produce some rigourou

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