Launching state-level renewables project in India

Two Climate Parliament legislators have this month launched new initiatives to promote renewable energy in their respective constituencies, bringing a new local focus to India's renewable energy revolution. Mr Kalikesh Narayan Singh Deo MP, who represents the Bolangir region of Odisha, and Mr Arvind Bellad MLA who represents Dharwad in Karnataka, both aim to provide their constituents with greener and more sustainable energy alternatives which will help to mitigate climate change. As immediate first steps, the two local initiatives being with studies to assess the potential of low carbon development and clean energy access in the two regions. The studies are likely to provide key inputs for

Financing clean energy investment

The RBI may bring the renewable energy sector under the ambit of Priority Sector Lending (PSL) by the banks. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI)’s Internal Working Group recently submitted its recommendations to re-examine the existing classification and suggested revised guidelines with regard to Priority Sector Lending. The Group has also recommended that the target for lending to the redefined priority sector may be retained at 40 per cent of ANBC or Credit Equivalent of Off-Balance Sheet Exposure (CEOBE), whichever is higher, for all scheduled commercial banks uniformly. This may means that banks can now have a freedom to move away from bad lending in some sectors and there can be spurt in r

Indonesian MPs visit London for climate discussions

Last week, the Climate Parliament was proud to co-host a delegation of Indonesian legislators from the Green Economy Caucus of the Indonesian Parliament on a capacity-building visit to London. The group, which included MPs from across the Indonesian political spectrum, was welcomed to the UK by the Department of International Development (DfID), in order to learn from the UK experience of green growth strategy and policy, including the role of legislation and legislators in implementing a green economy in Indonesia. Following Indonesian parliamentary and Presidential elections in 2014, and the importance of 2015 as the year when all nations will agree a global framework to tackle climate cha

Our new EU chair: Keith Taylor MEP

We're delighted to announce that Keith Taylor MEP has joined the Climate Parliament as the Chair of our group of MEPs in the European Parliament. A member of the UK Green Party, representing South-East England, Keith is a seasoned campaigner for climate action and environmental justice, and we're delighted that he has agreed to lead our campaigns in Brussels. Keith was a Principal Speaker for the Green Party of England & Wales between 2004 and 2006, where he led the development of the party’s manifesto. As the Green Party’s next candidate on its 2009 European list for the South East region, Keith took the place of Caroline Lucas (another Climate Parliament trustee) in the European Parliament

Our new guide to Indian RE launches today

We're delighted to announce that today sees the publication of the latest in a series of guides to renewable energy technologies in India, specifically geared to enabling legislators deploy clean energy as a catalyst for sustainable socioeconomic development. The booklet aims to familiarize concerned legislators with the importance and potential of low carbon development in India, especially through the means of clean energy supply. Through this booklet the legislators will develop a better understanding of decentralized renewable energy projects/systems and they may take up similar initiatives in their constituencies and states. Further, they will also be encouraged to take actions at local

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