Debating climate at the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit

Three Climate Parliament legislators recented took part in the TERI Sustainable Development Summit in Delhi, India, giving speeches and presentations on climate and development issues to a workshop session, entitled "'Special Session on Tackling Climate Change by Legislators". Dr K.P. Ramalingam MP, a member of the Climate Parliament group in the Indian Parliament, who spoke of the threat climate change poses to all countries around the world, and noted India's responsibility to ensure its citizens were able to achieve socio-economic development along a low-carbon pathway. He then outlined the vital role Climate Parliament MPs were playing in helping India face these challenges: "Over the la

Pushing for a RE Committee in Odisha

A fifteen member delegation of MLAs from all parties* met the hon’ble Speaker of the Odisha Assembly and submitted a request to set up a subcommittee of Renewable Energy under the House Committee of Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution. The Climate Parliament's network of MLAs in Odisha has been highlighting the need for such a Sub Committee, with a focus on the long-term plans, policies and initiatives on renewable energy required to give it a required direction and momentum that can upscale renewable energy deployment. This cross-party network of legislators committed to promote renewable energy as a pathway to energy security and low carbon development in Odisha, have emphasis

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