Renewable Energy Handbooks Now Online! In French, Arabic and English

Our Guide for MPs to Renewables Now Available for Download We're delighted to announce that our in-depth user's manual for MPs working on clean energy, "Renewable Energy for Parliamentarians: A How-To Guide", is now online and available for download in English, French and Arabic translations. You can download the guide from our Resources section, or access the different versions directly here: In Arabic In English In French The innovative new tool, designed to help parliamentarians around the world effectively promote renewable energy through legislative action, was launched in June 2014 by the Administrator of UNDP, Ms Helen Clark, and the European Commissioner for Development, Mr Andris Pi

Maharashtra Welcomes New Renewables

Chief Minister Calls for New Policy at Climate Parliament Recommendation Members of the Climate Parliament group in the Maharashtra State Assembly have welcomed the recent announcement of the state Energy Minister that the Ministry has instructed a team of experts to formulate a draft of a new renewable energy policy. Mr. Jaykumar Rawal, MLA and Chairperson of Climate Parliament Maharashtra Chapter, said, "Maharashtra Government’s recent decision and public announcement to launch a new integrated policy for renewable energy in 2015 is a much-welcomed decision. A comprehensive and integrated renewable energy policy, with higher capacity addition targets in line with the national ambitions, in

Our Expert Reports on RE in India Now Online!

We're delighted to announce that the Climate Parliament, in collaboration with CSTEP, AIREC and IIT Bombay, is today publishing a series of expert reports for the purpose of increasing renewable energy utilization in the Indian states of Karnataka, Odisha and Maharashtra. The reports, produced after extensive research by experts and analysts from some of India's most prestigious energy consultancies, lay out concrete recommendations for the State Governments of these three vital regions in order to boost renewable energy industries and increase the share of clean energy. Members of the Climate Parliament network from the State Assemblies of the three regions have formally submitted the repor

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