Renewables at la Assemblée Nationale

Paris: Economical and sustainable opportunities can exist for linking the European and North African renewable energy systems, experts underlined at a Climate Parliament symposium at the Assemblée Nationale in Paris on April 29th. Leading members of the Climate Parliament’s parliamentarian networks in France, Tunisia and Italy had the opportunity to ask questions on the environmental, technical and financial aspects of trading clean electricity during the event, which was hosted by French MP Arnaud Leroy – Sustainable Development committee secretary at the French Chamber of Deputies. Paolo Frankl, director of renewable energy at the International Energy Agency, told participants that the per

Bangladeshi MPs press for action

Dhaka (Bangladesh): In a pre-budget meeting with the Bangladesh State Minister of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources this week, MPs from the Climate Parliament secured a Ministerial commitment to fast-track the establishment of the long-delayed Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority. In the meeting, the Bangladesh State Minister of Power, Mr Nasrul Hamid, stated that the executive order to establish the Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA) will be issued this week by the Bangladeshi Government, with the organisation expected to open in July 2014. With the establishment of SREDA, the Climate Parliament Bangladesh Group of MPs will achieve a milestone

Shanghai Forum announced

We're pleased to announce our latest international parliamentary forum, to be held in China this July, which will explore exactly what is required – in terms of new legislation, new budget priorities, and new investment – to avoid more than 2˚C of global warming this century. The forum will take place in Shanghai, from July 11th – 14th 2014, and will bring legislators, analysts, and investors from around the world together for an urgent discussion on the political roadmap for a <2˚C world. The international scientific community tells us that, if global carbon emissions do not begin to fall dramatically before the end of the decade, we are likely to trigger climate impacts which will quite l

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