Our Chairman addresses ICD Strasbourg Conference

Last week, our Chairman Sir Graham Watson delivered an address to the International Parliamentary Alliance for Human Rights and Global Peace at their annual Conference on International Law & Human Rights, which took place this year in Strasbourg, France, from the 14th to the 16th of April. The conference was entitled "The Role of International Law to Promote Sustainable Development, Youth Empowerment & Women's Rights", and Sir Graham's speech explored the intersection of international law and sustainable development, while stressing the urgent need to address the threat of climate change through international and national legislative action. In his address, Sir Graham set out a personal defi

The future of renewables is already here

The gradual transformation of the International Energy Agency into something of a climate hawk, green in tooth and claw, seems to be continuing. The IEA, once known for its unswerving adherence to fossil-fuel orthodoxy, published a new report this week, arguing forcefully that large-scale renewable energy is reliable, achievable, and - most importantly - won't break the bank. Three findings of the report tie in to some of the arguments that we at the Climate Parliament have been making in our parliamentary campaigns around the world. The first is that large amounts of renewable energy - up to 45% of total supply - can be achieved by any country at only a small increase in total costs, compar

MPs commit to climate action at our hearing

Our recent parliamentary hearing in Hammamet, Tunisia, is now concluded and the participants returned home, and we're pleased to report that it was a success. The two day meeting brought some fifty MPs from around the Mediterranean together with policy analysts, investors, and legislative experts for debate and discussion around renewable energy policy and finance. The sessions explored the exciting possibility of renewable energy exports from the sun-drenched countries of North Africa to the consumers of Europe - a win-win proposition that would drive development and create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the Maghreb, while helping the EU meet its ambitious climate goals more cheaply than

Indian electoral manifestos connect with climate

New Delhi: Cutting across political and regional divides, several political parties in India today are promising to address the myriad issues of climate change and renewable energy in the country. In the run up to the national elections, political parties like the Indian National Congress (INC), Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), Biju Janata Dal (BJD), Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), All India Trinamool Congress, Aam Admi Party (AAP) and others, in their recently released election manifestos, have committed to implement a wide-range of measures -- from giving a new thrust to new and renewable energy, to formulating a comprehensive national energy policy; from est

Report from our Bangladeshi network of MPs

Dhaka (Bangladesh): The new Bangladeshi Minister of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources, Mr. Nasrul Hamid, has assured MPs from the Climate Parliament at a recent meeting that the Ministry will soon ensure the implementation of SREDA (Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority). SREDA represents a path-breaking initiative for the country, as the Authority will be the focal point for the promotion and development of all sustainable energy, including renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy conservation. Climate Parliament MPs played a significant role in the passing of the SREDA Bill in November 2012. However, SREDA is yet to be implemented as an organisation and its roadmap

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