Our MPs introduce climate clause to Tunisian constitution

In another first for the country that started the Arab Spring, Tunisia has become the first country outside of Latin America to make a constitutional commitment to combatting climate change. On 26th January 2014, Tunisia’s constituent assembly passed its long-awaited new constitution, three years after the country toppled a repressive regime and sparked a wave of protest across the Middle East. As well as enshrining full freedom of conscience and gender equality, under Article 44 the new constitution obliges the state to guarantee “a sound climate and the right to a sound and balanced environment", and "provide the necessary means to eliminate environmental pollution” - thus becoming only th

Our Indian MPs submit renewables report to Prime Minister

New Delhi. Climate Parliament MPs from a wide spectrum of political parties submitted today an Expert Report, commissioned by the Climate Parliament, ‘RE-Energising India: Policy, Regulatory and Financial Initiatives to Augment Renewable Energy Deployment in India’ to the Prime Minister of India. In their signed memorandum given to the Prime Minister along with the Report, the parliamentarians have asked the government to establish a National Clean Energy Access Mission; to mainstream renewable energy in government schemes; enforce NAPCC recommendations at state level through amendments in National Electricity Policy; incentivise states for to increase RPO trajectory and compliance; enact th

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