Our Parliamentary Networks

The Climate Parliament is an international, non-partisan network of legislators, supported by a team of Regional staff and a Global Secretariat based in the United Kingdom. We have established formal Climate parliamentary groups of national MPs in Parliaments and National Assemblies around the world, with a specific focus on developing countries in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East & North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as a dedicated group of MEPs in the European Parliament. 


Asian Parliamentary Network

In Asia we're concentrating our efforts on three of the most populous countries in the world – and hence some of the countries most at risk of serious climate impacts – Bangladesh, China and India.

Our EU-wide parliamentary network

Our cross-party group of MEPs in the European Parliament works to strengthen regional support for renewables and climate research, as well as focusing EU development assistance towards green ends. 

Our Latin America parliamentary network

We're working together with MPs from Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru on a range of environmental topics including deforestation, climate finance, glacial melt and clean energy investment. 

Our Middle East & North Africa parliamentary network

Our MPs in Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia are fighting for new laws to tackle desertification and drought through decarbonisation and clean energy. Read more about their work here. 

Our African parliamentary network

Clean, distributed renewable energy - such as village minigrids or micro-hydro - can have a transformative effect on communities lacking access to electricitiy - all without contributing to dangerous pollution.