How we work


The Climate Parliament was set up in 2009, in response to a poll of more than 700 legislators from over 70 countries, in order to expand awareness of and engagement with climate-related issues amongst parliamentarians worldwide, and provide support for those MPs who are already active on renewable energy and energy access for the poor. We are a cross-party group and work with legislators from all mainstream political parties, seeking a balanced representation of gender, age, and political background. We support legislators in three main ways:


Staff support

Our regional staff work closely with legislators to support their work on renewable issues. Through providing staff support, we are able to identify opportunities for action in parliamentary timetables, assist in drafting parliamentary questions, contribute towards relevant committee agendas, shape legislative and budgetary amendments, and conduct research requested by MPs. We have established cross-party Climate Parliament groups across Africa, Europe, the Middle East, South America, and South Asia.


We achieve our most impressive results when we are able to provide day-by-day staff support to MPs. By providing focused support, research, and organisational assistance, our dedicated parliamentary staff enable concerned legislators to undertake far more interventions than otherwise would be possible.

Climate Parliament MPs in Morocco

International Events


We organise regular regional parliamentary hearings which bring together parliamentarians, policy specialists and non-governmental organisations from specific areas to explore renewable energy policies. Legislators share advice and experience on energy policy, question leading technology and policy experts, and participate in field trips to solar power stations, wind farms and small-scale renewable energy installations. Over the last several years we have organised some 25 international parliamentary committee hearings, and over 300 legislators have participated.
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Action Ideas


Finally, we provide support and resources to parliamentarians in our network via our steadily increasing knowledge bank of policy briefings and background papers on our website. We maintain a unique up-to-date database of contact details for over 16,000 elected Members of Parliament around the world, and send out a regular newsletter covering important developments in climate science and renewable policy, as well as inspiring success stories from across our network. 

You can find them in our Action Ideas section.