Electrification of Transport

Cape Verde

Cape Verde has announced a 100% replacement of its conventional public and private vehicle fleet with electric vehicles (EVs) by 2050. They also plan to make all vehicles used by public administration officials electric and to establish a countrywide charging infrastructure by 2030. With this initiative, the government also hopes to address economic vulnerability by reducing the import of fossil fuel. Transport consumes 30% of the total imported fuel by the country to date. Three major steps mark its ambitious programme: 1) an Electric mobility policy charter that establishes the strategic vision for initial necessary conditions and long term frameworks for scaling up; 2) an Action plan for implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the efforts; 3) an inter-institutional Commission for Electric Mobility (CIME) for coordination with other sectors and policies. The government will be extending customs and investment incentives for EVs until they reach market maturity.

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