Action ideas for parliamentarians

The Climate Parliament helps good ideas to travel from one country to another. MPs are informed about cutting-edge policies and initiatives anywhere in the world which are advancing climate action, renewable energy and sustainable transport. MPs can choose a proposal that interests them, then go to their head of government, ministers or officials, and say, “That country is doing it, maybe we should consider doing the same.” The Climate Parliament and our partners can provide original policy documents from governments and agencies which are playing a leading role on that issue, as examples of best practice. 


Here are some actions that Members of Parliament could take. Click on the links for examples. If you are not a legislator, you might consider writing to your own parliamentary representatives on one of these issues to encourage them to share the examples with your government.


Climate threats


Share with colleagues reports on likely climate impacts for your country or region.

Share with colleagues and ministers ambitious NDC commitments adopted by other countries which could be included in your country’s strengthened NDC to be submitted at COP26 in 2021.

Brief colleagues on risks that new investments in fossil fuel infrastructure may soon become stranded assets, as climate impacts increase pressure to stay within a global carbon budget.

Large-scale renewables


Share with ministers examples of well-designed auction programmes that have procured low-cost, large-scale renewable energy, auctions which could be replicated in your country.

Share with ministers and colleagues examples of countries using ambitious targets as a policy instrument for accelerating renewable energy, with a view to increasing your national target.

Ask ministers to consider examples of well-designed policy instruments for facilitating large-scale renewable energy, some of which might prove useful for your country.


Green grids


Brief colleagues and ministers about India’s ambitious project on green grids connecting renewable energy resources in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, to get your country involved.

Encourage your government to take a lead in promoting clean energy corridors under discussion for cross-border trade of clean electricity in specific regions.


Encourage your government actively to support initiatives, such as the African Union’s, to establish regional electricity markets to ensure cheap, reliable renewable energy for all.


Sustainable transport


Highlight successful vehicle electrification programmes which your government might replicate.

Share with your government successful examples of electrification of public transport.

Encourage an integrated approach to building electric rail, long-distance energy transmission and fibre-optic communications at the same time, to create new communications corridors.


Rural electrification

Share examples of policy frameworks for community grids for government consideration.


Brief colleagues and ministers on examples of policy frameworks and projects for electrifying health clinics in rural areas, a top priority for an effective Covid-19 response.


Share successful examples of energising commercial, agricultural and small industrial initiatives in rural areas, for government consideration.


Energy efficiency

Share recent research and programmes on sustainable space cooling and household air conditioning, which is set to consume growing amounts of power as the world heats up.


Share with colleagues and ministers successful programmes on energy efficiency in buildings, which can greatly reduce the amount of electricity required for cooling and heating.


Share examples of smart grid implementation and appliance efficiency standards, which could be replicated in your country to achieve maximum benefit from electricity generated.